CWA D3 AT&T SE - Tentative Agreement Highlights—November 2, 2012

Today November 2, 2012, we met in full session and a Tentative Agreement was reached.  The Company rejected a number of our demands but agreed to TA what the Bargaining Team considered essential to an agreement.  Issues that are included in the new Tentative Agreement are as follows:

  • The double deductible and double out of pocket maximum expense in year 2013 is eliminated while maintaining the double benefits in the dental and vision plans.  Although the BBI and Utilities Operations Contracts were previously ratified this agreement will also be extended to those members.
  • The Wire Techs will be enrolled in the BellSouth Medical Assistance plan on 1/1/2014.  As a result of having the PT already enrolled in the ATT Medical Plan for 2013, the Company was not legally able to change the plan in 2013.  However, beginning 4/1/2013 Wire Techs will enjoy premiums, deductibles and out of pocket expenses that will mirror the BellSouth Medical Assistance Plans.
  • All OPT’s and ST’s will be upgraded to a Wage Scale 31 and will receive wages in that new wage scale as of the first pay period following ratification.  Wage Scale 31 employees will be placed into the higher pension bands as of 9/2/2012 and must remain in that pension band for 18 months as prescribed in the contract to receive the higher pension calculation.
  • As a result of the OPT upgrade OPT’s will not be grouped in an additional family of skills and will have RPPP protection as prescribed in the current working agreement.
  • Wire Techs will receive $1323 as a lump sum in lieu of a general wage increase as soon as practicable following ratification.  Wire Techs will be slotted into the next higher step of Wage Scale 6 upon ratification which will be retroactive to 9/2/2012.  Wire Techs will receive a 2.25% wage increase on the 2nd and 3rd anniversary of the contract. 
  • Wire Techs will be eligible to bid to other core titles 30 months from date of hire as a PremTech.
  • The general wages increase of 2.25% for all other employees will be retroactive to 9/2/2012.
  • Surplused OPT’s and ST’s will be allowed to claim Wire Tech vacancies without having to meet performance and attendance criteria.
  • Any grievances that were filed during the period while the contract was not in affect will be subject to full arbitration.
  • All other issues will remain as bargained in the previous Tentative Agreement


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