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2015 CWA D3 ATT SE
Bargaining Report #55

Aug 28, 2015

Your bargaining committee continued to caucus today in preparation for meeting with the company tomorrow morning.

It is our intent to continue to meet with the company over the weekend in an effort to gain movement on the issues.

Thanks to all for your continued support and patience with the pace of these negotiations.

It is not our intent to impetuously rush into an agreement.


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Your Bargaining Committee

Mike Fahrenholt – CWA Rep District 3 – Chair
Thelma Dunlap – Administrative Director District 3 – Co-Chair
David Betz – Alabama
Jonathan Campbell – Kentucky
Herman Junkin – Mississippi
Al Guillory – Louisiana
Johnny Hernandez – Florida
Chris Myrick – North Carolina
Jason LaPorte – South Carolina
Gene Redd – Georgia
Robert Santucci – Tennessee

I will continue to update you with any information as soon as it comes available.
In Unity Mike Hodges

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